Denver Green Roof Initiative – a great idea

By Idelle, September 30, 2017

Denver Green Roof Initiative

I think that around the world we need to slow down population growth, and slow building down.

When new construction is necessary, it would be ideal if builders would always construct new buildings the right way, creating efficient buildings that incorporate solar or green roofing, even if it costs more money. Use of solar roofing and green roofing will help us decrease the amount of added pollution and the growing strain on our energy system as our population (unfortunately) continues to grow.

There is an interesting initiative being proposed that may help us start to change the way things are built going forward: the Denver Green Roof Initiative. While I think it may need to be adjusted to get approval,  I think this is a step in the right direction and starts the conversation that can help change our ways for the better going forward.

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Below are some of overall points from the proposal.  See the full details here »

Denver Green Roof Initiative Summary:


What are we proposing?

  • We are proposing that a percentage of a building’s roof be dedicated to solar or green, vegetative space.

The entire roof?

  • Only a percentage. Developers are also permitted to do a combination of green space and solar in this percentage. Here’s the chart:
Gross Floor Area (Size of Building) Coverage of Available Roof Space (Size of Green Roof)
25,000 – 49,999 f2 20%
50,000 – 99,999 f2 30%
100,000 – 149,999 f2 40%
150,000 – 199,999 f2 50%
200,000 f2 or greater 60%


  • So, if a commercial building is 25,000 sqft (5,000 sqft more than a standard Whole Foods) they would have to pay approximately $125,000 (Green Roofs cost an average of $25 per sqft) for these improvements AT THE TIME OF A NORMAL ROOF REPLACEMENT. Buildings do not have to do these upgrades immediately, only at the time of a normal roof replacement, which is about every 10 years.

Will this raise rent or increase taxes?

  • This bill will not raise taxes. It would put the cost on the Developers and building owners.
  • This will not raise rent. A buildings property value will increase with these additions and they make the building more energy efficient leading lower energy consumption, not just in the building, but also across the city.

Is this for all Buildings?

  • Only buildings that exceed 25,000 sqft and residential buildings over 4 stories

Read more about the Denver Green Roof Initiative here »