Happy Earth Day!

By Idelle, April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day! 

I just picked up a copy of the latest issue of Colorado Gardener (Early Spring 2019), one of my favorite simple pleasures. I have to say, this is a publication that inspires me and makes me feel like there are lots of other kindred spirits and gardeners out there that think a lot like me!

Colorado Gardener is so refreshing in this day of fear-mongering and lousy journalism in the mainstream media. Newspapers and social media is often focused on the negative, whereas Colorado Gardener focuses on all the good things people are doing – and educating and inspiring us to be better gardeners and stewards of our earth. This local publication is a breath of fresh air in the current climate of too much information, cell phones, social media, vanity, and link-bait.

I created this blog because I was tired of all the bad news that I see across local, national and international newspapers, Google News, and social media. I believe that focusing on good things will help good thrive – so we need to talk more about what good we can do, what we’ve learned along the way. We should be sharing and inspiring others to grow their own food, compost, be more self-sufficient, less vain, more giving, and learn how to reduce the overall strain that each person puts on the environment. Afterall, it was only a short time ago (a couple generations) that our Grandparents and Great Grandparents grew their own vegetables and fruit, canned their own food, raised chickens, heck, they even recycled and composted before it was a thing. Huge grocery store chains selling plastic-wrapped produce from all over the world, and things like city dumpsters weren’t always an option.

That is why I’m so happy to find Colorado Gardener is full of good stories of people doing amazing things in gardening and in our environment, sharing knowledge, stories, and tips. I love opening up this magazine and finding that every single article in the table of contents sounds interesting! If you’re a gardener, make sure not to miss it. You can view the current edition of Colorado Gardener on their website, coloradogardener.com – they have a PDF to read through if you can’t get a local copy. Of course, most of the garden shops around Denver have this wonderful, inspiring and educational publication, so visit one and pick a copy up! I even like to look at the advertisements (which I usually never say), because they are all garden shop related! 🙂

Here are a few of their articles from this Spring 2019 issue:

Snow Iris
Repurposing a Garden
Quinoa Greens & Seeds
Food Gardening on the Mountain
Insect-Inspired Inventions
Adding to the Ark at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

The Editor’s Letter written by Jane Shellenberger was a very good read (see below from page 4), and even choked me up a bit at the end, she said exactly what has been on my mind. But in light of all the disturbing things going on in the world, gardening with friends and family does bring us some daily joy.

And let us rejoice in that!

Colorado Gardener Magazine - Spring 2019 - Editor's Letter