Manatee Population Has Rebounded 500 Percent!

January 11, 2016

Another piece of Good Environmental News from Manatees have made a huge comeback as a result of significant improvements in habitat conditions and threat reduction. Only about 1,267 West Indian manatees could be found in Florida when surveys began in 1991. Since then, the population has increased 500 percent – to 6,300 in that state and 13,000 overall. Amidst this positive […]

Grow your own mushrooms in your yard!

November 16, 2015

Making a wood chip mushroom garden I just came across this post on about creating a wood chip mushroom garden. I will have to try this next summer for sure! Read more »

Power your Home by Riding this Bike!

November 16, 2015

I love riding a bike, though I avoid stationary bikes… however – this amazing invention could change my tune! I have always thought that stationary bikes should somehow use the energy we put into them, for example, a stationary bike could power a fan in front of you to cool you off while you were […]

Best Fiction Whale Book

November 12, 2015

If you want a great fast-reading fiction book about whales, look no further than Hank Searls’ book titled “Sounding“. This is a marvelous tale of a passionate, aging Sperm whale and his encounters with humans. I found this hidden gem at the thrift store, the cover of my book has a whale tale in a stormy […]

Hot Pepper Seeds

Hot Pepper Seeds Website Design

November 11, 2015

I was tickled “green” when Patsy from Sandia Seed reached out looking for a new website for her online shopping cart for her New Mexican hot pepper seeds. As an avid gardener, I love all things green, and I’m also a spicy-nut, so I love hot peppers! Sandia Seed had her original website for around […]

Aquaponic Aquarium

Turn a fish tank into an Aquaponic Garden

November 10, 2015

Check out this interesting new aquaponics product I came across today: Aquasprouts is a system setup that turns a 10-gallon aquarium into an aquaponic garden – what a neat idea! Now, if only they’d do this for 55-gallon (that’s what I have). Maybe I’ll build one out of wood. It looks like these may only […]

Reusable Single Serve Coffee Filter, Stainless Steel

Reusable Single Serve Coffee Filter – Stainless Steel

October 25, 2015

Reusable One Cup Coffee Maker I typically have one cup of tea or coffee each morning, so I usually have tea as I don’t want to brew up a whole pot of coffee for just one cup. I normally use tea bags, and occasionally the Folgers’ single serve teabags of coffee, but these coffee teabags […]


Chile Creates Largest Marine Reserve in the Americas

October 6, 2015

Here’s some good news for our oceans: The newly protected waters around the Desventuradas Islands contain many marine species found nowhere else on Earth. Valparaiso, CHILE—The Chilean government on Monday announced that it has created the largest marine reserve in the Americas by protecting an area hundreds of miles off its coast roughly the size […]

Denver Farmers Market

July 13, 2015

I wanted to welcome a new Denver Farmers Market that is happening every Saturday through September 26th from 10am-2pm in the downtown Denver / RINO / Five Points neighborhood. Harry’s Urban Farmer’s Market will be held at Crofton Elementary at 2409 Arapahoe Street in Denver, Colorado (24th & Arapahoe downtown). Allison Anderson, who is the […]

Another Green Idea: The Denver Tool Library

April 24, 2015

What a neat idea! Rather than buying every tool for every project, people in Denver can borrow tools from The Denver Tool Library at 555 Santa Fe Drive. While there is a yearly membership of $80, this is a good investment if you are a frequent tool user but don’t have the funds or the room to purchase […]

Humpback whales are doing well!

April 20, 2015

Here’s some good news from – due to the ban on commercial whaling nearly 50 years ago, the Humpback population is on the rise, and has recovered so well that they may be removed from the Endangered Species list. It’s amazing how we can make changes for the better! Here’s an excerpt and image […]

Growing a Greener World

April 15, 2015

I just discovered my favorite show, Growing a Greener World, which is an amazing gardening-centric show that I can’t get enough of. I’ve recently watched episode 515 – Making More Plants, featuring a wonderful young horticulturalist and propagator, Brienne Gluvna Arthur, who is charming as she explains the various ways to easily propagate plants of […]

Chicago City Hall Green Roof Project

March 30, 2015

Chicago City Hall Green Roof project was started to curb the Urban Heat Island Effect. Completed in 2001, the rooftop garden at Chicago’s City Hall was designed to test different types of green roof systems, heating and cooling benefits, success rates of native and non-native vegetation, and reductions in rainwater runoff. The city of Chicago […]

Milkweed Fiber – What could this mean for Monarchs?

February 17, 2015

Material ConneXion’s Dr. Andrew Dent tells us why the hollow structure of milkweed fiber provides inherent acoustic and thermal insulation nearly equivalent to goose down. Video produced and edited by James Eades. What does this mean? Milkweed is essential to the survival of the Monarch Butterflies, which are currently in danger of becoming a threatened […]

Cleaning up the oceans!

December 9, 2014

When I see stories like this, it gives me hope for humankind! 20-year old Boyan Slat has a great plan to help clean up the oceans – by deploying devices that will gather up all the plastic that is plaguing our oceans to be stored and ultimately recycled. What a brilliant idea! Now if we […]

Green Logo Design in Denver

November 17, 2014

I just designed this logo for a client who is starting Harry’s Urban Farmers’ Market in the Rino area. This was a fun one to work on, I was able to include rosemary sprigs, onions, corn and tomatoes against a backdrop of urban bricks with a fun customized font. I always love designing logos for […]

Chihuly sculpture given to Denver Botanic Gardens

November 17, 2014

I was curious if the Denver Botanic Gardens would be able to keep any of the Chihuly pieces, and it turns out someone has donated a piece called “Colorado” to be reminiscent of our Colorado sunsets. It sounds like it is designed to “withstand” the weather, so I hope that goes for hail as well. […]

Solar Bike Path Opens This Week In The Netherlands

November 11, 2014

The Dutch are always doing great things on the environmental front. Check out this article from NPR, below, that talks about a new bike path that is integrated with solar panels. While they are only testing a small 230 feet section to start off with, this section could power 2-3 houses for a year. Can […]

Blue Whales Of California Are Back To Historical Levels

September 9, 2014

Well here is some refreshing good environmental news, despite all the grumbling media stories going around these days – the blue whales that live off the coast of California are back to historical levels, with 2,200 whales today versus 750 in the 1930’s. Here’s the story from Blue Whales Of California Are Back To Historical […]

Historic Montclair Community Garden

August 17, 2014

I am proud to be part of the Historic Montclair Community Garden – this garden, just down the street from our house, was a combined effort of the neighbors and the land owner of a vacant lot off of Colfax in the Montclair neighborhood. The lot was formerly used for a lot of late-night troublesome […]