Clover in Lawns

By Idelle, May 28, 2008

Clover is good for lawns. Really. It is considered by some to be a weed, but the reality is that clover is good for the soil as it’s roots slowly release nitrogen. If you’ve seen a lawn with clover patches in it, you’ll notice that the grass is always greener near the clover.

So don’t think of clover as a weed – consider it the perfect lawn addition. Green, drought-tolerant and pest-free, a clover filled lawn will require less cutting, little watering and no feeding, unlike traditional turf. This means less work and fewer chemicals.

A word of warning about weed killers (herbicides) including those from Scotts, Ortho, RoundUp and others – they kill clover, flowers, vegetables, and even can harm trees – they are not selective in their destruction. Herbicides are popular because they work well at the outset. They do the job and kill target plants. However, they can also kill and maim non-target plants and animals, and can have undesirable long-term impacts. So it’s not a good idea in the long run – I dig out dandelions before they go to seed, and that seems to do the trick just fine. Don’t forget, it’s a good workout, too!

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