Natural Beef Burgers at Juicy Red Hots Restaurant  
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Sign up for our newsletter! We believe that in our current society of corporate restaurants with mass-produced and fast-foods, soulful home-made cooking and old-fashioned goodness is a lost quality.

Natural Beef HotdogFood pioneers, family-owned diners, mothers and grand-mothers have created home-made meals with love that made us happy.  No matter where you grew up, if you close your eyes and think about good times and good food enjoyed during your childhood, you most likely envision hot dogs, burgers, hand-cut fries and thick milkshakes.

Natural Beef HotdogIn honor of family-owned eateries across the country, Juicy Red Hots offers fresh never frozen natural burgers and premium hot dogs prepared in the style of regional favorites from Chicago Style, New York Style, California Style and New Orleans Style, just the way you like your sandwiches.  Fresh hand-cut natural fries, homestyle chili and thick milkshakes round out the menu.

Our mission is to serve our customers fresh, naturally healthy food with a homemade taste.

Our Michigan Restaurant

The original Juicy Red Hots is located in Dearborn, Michigan. We serve healthy natural beef burgers and premium quality hot dogs. Our burgers are made from All-natural Piedmontese Beef, which has that homemade taste and is naturally low in fat and cholesterol. Our hot dogs are the world famous Vienna Beef links, which are made from premium beef with no fillers, artificial colors or flavorings. We are proud to serve fresh hand-cut natural fries that are made with trans-fat free oil. Homemade chili and thick natural milkshakes round out the menu.

22257 Michigan Avenue, DEARBORN, MICHIGAN, 48125 Dearborn, Michigan Map
  natural grass-fed beef  -  low in fat  -  hand-cut fries  -  no trans fats