Bindweed vs. CobraHead

By Idelle, June 24, 2019

The Battle of the Bindweed continues…

Bindweed vs. CobraHead
I never use herbicides or pesticides, so when it comes to weeds, it comes down to weeding, cultivating and mulch. I love a few tools, including a Hoe, as well as a new tool that was just added to our toolbox, The CobraHead Tool.

CobraHead Tool

The CobraHead tool shown in the video above was donated to the organic community garden I help run in my neighborhood, and they are sure to be our go-to weeders. I met Anneliese at CobraHead on the Denver Garden Bloggers Fling – she was so nice to donate six of these amazing tools including the regular size and the mini CobraHead to our community garden! I am already really digging these CobraHead weeders, they definitely help to better combat the bindweed. I like using the easy chopping motion to easily loosen weed roots for easy pulling. The tools are is also great for digging and loosening the soil. The sharp blade on the tip really makes it much easier to get into the soil or clay. They actually make weeding fun with the chopping motion, you really make progress quickly. I feel like I have a one up on bindweed! (Though it will always come back as it does…)

CobraHead Tools are made in Wisconsin, and can be found in many of your local garden centers and stores. View their website at: