Historic Montclair Community Garden

By Idelle, August 17, 2014

Denver Community Garden Design

I am proud to be part of the Historic Montclair Community Garden – this garden, just down the street from our house, was a combined effort of the neighbors and the land owner of a vacant lot off of Colfax in the Montclair neighborhood.

The lot was formerly used for a lot of late-night troublesome activity, so in 2010, Tony Siegert, who owned the house next to the lot, suggested and worked with the landowner to create a community garden. Gathering support from other neighbors, including Sheri Kaz and Karen Hickey, they piped in water lines from Tony’s house, cleaned up the lot, and hauled in lots of compost and soil, then rototilled their hearts out, turning the lot into 34 plots. Since 2010, many gardeners have participated each summer in growing organic vegetables.

Thanks for all of our neighbors and gardeners for helping keep this community garden alive. We also want to thank Mountain High Tree, who has been donating their amazing locally-made mulch to the garden for the past two years. They make their mulch from all their tree and shrub pruning jobs, and it comes in all sorts of colors and sizes, check out their mulch here »

Denver Mulch donated to Community Garden