Humpback whales are doing well!

By Idelle, April 20, 2015

Here’s some good news from – due to the ban on commercial whaling nearly 50 years ago, the Humpback population is on the rise, and has recovered so well that they may be removed from the Endangered Species list. It’s amazing how we can make changes for the better!

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Good news about Humpback whales

Humpback whale population grows, animals proposed to be removed from Endangered Species Act

The federal government on Monday proposed removing most humpback whale populations in the world from the endangered species list, saying the majestic animal’s numbers have dramatically recovered in the nearly 50 years since commercial whaling was banned.

Humpbacks, which can grow to 45 feet long and weigh 50 tons, are known for their complex songs and habit of breaching out of the water more than any other whale species. As their population has grown into the tens of thousands in recent years, they have regularly delighted photographers and whale watching tours off California, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii.

Humpback whales feed on schools of anchovies less than a mile outside of the Moss Landing, Calif., in the Monterey Bay on Aug. 10, 2014. The humpback whales are lunge feeding, where they lunge through a bait ball close to the surface of the water with their mouths open. More than a dozen humpback whales along with sea lions, birds and dolphins circled an area in a feeding frenzy while thrilled kayakers, whale watching boats, sail boats, and fisherman watched. (Laura A. Oda/Bay Area News Group) (Laura A. Oda)

“We live in an age where all we hear is terrible news,” said Dan Costa, a professor of biology and humpback whale expert at UC Santa Cruz. “Climate change is scary as hell. We hear about species going extinct. And the fact that something as iconic and amazing as a humpback whale can be taken off the endangered list is a phenomenal thing.”

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