Organic preserves made in Colorado

By Idelle, January 29, 2014

Organic Preserves made in Colorado

Do you have a lot of fruit trees or an excess of produce? Check out Modern Gingham Preserves, a local Colorado company based in Denver, whom I’m proud to work with on the design of her logo and labels. Kathy Lee, the chef and owner, uses local, organic sources of most of the produce that goes into her delicious homemade jams. Yes, that means Modern Gingham Preserves will come out to your home in the Denver area, and harvest your fruit from your trees that may otherwise go unpicked (and end up in a slimy mess on your lawn!). With your permission, they will harvest your excess fruit and transform it into jams and preserves, and gift back a portion of the products they make from your fruit generosity! Modern Gingham has a variety of unique flavors, such as “Apple Chai Spice” or “Strawberry Balsamic,” that pairs well with goat cheese on crackers… delicious!

I have a few fruit trees in our yard, Cherry, Apple, and Apricot – last year, due to the late frost, we didn’t get any fruit – but if we do this year I’m definitely calling Kathy to help turn the abundance into a delectable bounty with a shelf life!

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