Organic Mulch made in Colorado

By Idelle, January 29, 2014

Denver Mulch

Mountain High Tree, Lawn and Landscape in Lakewood, Colorado, makes their own organic mulch from 100% recycled branches and logs from their pruning jobs. You can’t buy better mulch anywhere, I had 1.5 yards of their Dark Brown Fines mulch delivered last spring, and it is amazing stuff – no construction debris or large pieces of wood, it’s very finely textured, and is rich in organic material which makes it perfect for my garden. I also found it to be very easy to shovel and move, unlike other mulches that often have large chunks of debris.

The best part of all – I don’t have to open bag after bag of commercially imported mulch from the hardware store… eliminating plastic bag waste and saving me time! If you’re looking for bulk mulch delivery in Denver, Mountain High Tree has you covered!

See the colors, pricing and learn more at:

Denver Mulch