Paperless Marketing – Email Newsletters

By Idelle, February 21, 2008

The web has opened up a large selection of new paperless marketing methods that not only save trees and resources, they also save you money! It costs anywhere from 40 cents to several dollars to physically mail out printed pieces to your client – and most likely it will end up in the trash (or, ideally, in the recycle bin). Today, more than ever, businesses have the ability to send out beautiful email marketing pieces that never waste one sheet of paper — and cost less than a penny per customer to send.

Email Newsletters have become a mainstream way for companies to advertise their products, events and news. Email clubs have become popular with customers, who love to sign up with their favorite stores and restaurants so that they can get exclusive “member only” discounts and invites to special events. Email Newsletter software has also come a long way — businesses can now track to see how many people opened their emails, what they clicked on, and can even test to see what email Subjects perform best (such as “Free Wine Tasting Tonight” versus “Wine Tasting Tonight”).

IJDesign offers full service email marketing so that you can collect members on your website through simple signup forms, and then send them colorful, designed emails that will get their attention and drive traffic to your website or store/restaurant. Contact Idelle at 720.260.3541 to discuss email newsletter marketing.

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