Recycle Sponges in Potted Plants

By Idelle, December 3, 2009

Recycle your old sponges in your potted plants. Especially good for keeping outdoor soil pots moist, old cellulose sponges make the perfect bottom component of planted pots.

1. Rinse the old sponge throughly to remove any soap residue.

2. Cut sponge to fit into plant pot, place in pot, then cover with potting soil, and add plant(s) and top off with soil. Compress soil gently with hands.

3. Water in!

The great thing about sponges is that they will absorb and hold excess water and slowly release it to the soil – so it essentially create a home made self-watering pot. The sponges also hold dirt in (for those pots with larger drainage holes).  Plus, now you finally have something to do with your old sponges!

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