Solar Christmas Lights

By Idelle, November 9, 2008

Solar Christmas LightsIf you have an older home like ours, outdoor electrical outlets are a rare thing. We don’t have any outlets on the front of our house, so when I wanted to add some Christmas lights to the front during the holidays, I turned to solar powered christmas lights as my solution.

Solar powered Christmas lights are easy to come by – though not locally, I find. I ordered one set of solar lights online last year to see how they work, and I must say, the blueish glow of these LED lights is very festive and are very beautiful in their own right. The great thing is, I can attach them to my trees in the frontyard and with the solar charger, the sun does all the powering for me – without having to run extension cords to plug into a (non-existent) outlet.

Another advantage to solar powered christmas lights is that they come on automatically when the sun goes down. The polycrystalline solar cells on the solar lights are equipped with a light sensor that automatically switches the lights on for you – just as the sun sets. It really doesn’t get better than this, just set them up and enjoy the solar light display over the holidays.

They also don’t need sunlight, if it’s cloudy or snowing, they still collect energy and will still work for a few hours. My only caution is that you need to make sure they don’t get covered by snow! Here, in Colorado, our last few winters have had some significant snowfall, and if I didn’t make sure to keep the solar light charger above the snow, then it wouldn’t charge.


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  1. Nicole Buettner says:

    Very interesting, thanks for posting this info. Great blog Idelle!

  2. Tom K says:

    Thanks for giving a such a wonderful information about Solar Christmas lights and also i want share some adavtages of Solar Christmas lights:

    Solar Christmas lights does not produce any gas emissions and is echo friendly. But the big benefit is they do not need a power and aids to reduce your power bill. These solar LED bulbs have long life span than ordinary light bulb and you do not have to buy Christmas lights every year.

    Installing the lights takes about 2-3 minutes. The lights turn on automatically at dusk. So you don’t have to turn the lights at night.

    Also these lights are available in all different shapes and sizes and can be used to decorate any area of your home. Using these lights you can enjoy Christmas and at the same time save money on your energy bill.

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